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The Lillou Bunny - Lettie

The Lillou Pillow - Lettie

Introducing our latest hand-embroidered pillow cover, a stunning ode to antique linens. Crafted from 100% linen, this exquisite piece features delicate spring florals meticulously stitched by hand, evoking the charm of a blossoming garden.

True hemstitch techniques frame the floral motifs, adding an air of timeless style. Finished with a fabric button closure, this pillow cover invites you to indulge in the old-world craftsmanship while embracing the beauty of the present. Perfect for adding a touch of romance to any space, this heirloom-quality piece promises to be cherished for years to come.

The Cecile

The Francine Kaftan

The Francine Kaftan, a one-of-a-kind creation in the most luxurious silk fabric. Immerse yourself in the perfect shade of gold, adorned with cream hand embroidery showcasing a unique calligraphy of the alphabet—an ode to our love for old-world penmanship. Lined with 100% silk, The Francine is more than a dress; it's an heirloom-quality piece designed for special occasions. Bask in the radiant glow of The Francine's perfect gold hue. The luxurious silk fabric drapes gracefully, creating an ethereal silhouette that captures the essence of elegance and sophistication. The cream hand embroidery features a unique calligraphy of the alphabet, reminiscent of old-world penmanship. Executed by a team of highly skilled artisans, each thread is a work of art, a canvas of timeless charm and individuality. A limited edition heirloom. The Francine Kaftan is a rare masterpiece, with only a very limited number available. Embrace the exclusivity and make it a cherished part of your collection.


A few of our favorite things...

The Lillian Robe
The Francine Kaftan
The Maribel in Marble

The Margot in Golden Vines

The Margot features a captivating print, a tribute to the delicate transition from autumn to winter. Gold-brown vines meander gracefully across the fabric, punctuated by the occasional floral accent.

For those who revel in daydreaming, outdoor explorations, and the simple pleasure of feeling ethereal, "The Margot" is your perfect frock. Whether you're strolling through the changing seasons or savoring quiet moments, this dress is designed to transport you into a world of grace and romance.