Mon Petite - The Lily

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A symbol of purity, sincerity and joy, Lily of the Valley is a Lillou favourite, thus a most perfect muse. Introducing Mon Petit Lily, a darling cotton dress featuring both natural and crisp whites with namesake hand embroidered upon the chest. A truly perfect garment for Spring days spent in the garden.

Fabric Type:

3-6 Months | Length of dress: 14.00" Chest: 24.00"
1 Year | Length of dress: 17.00" Chest: 28.00"
2 Year | Length of dress: 20.00" Chest: 30.00"
4 Year | Length of dress: 23.00" Chest: 32.00"
6 Year | Length of dress: 26.00" Chest: 34.00"

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