Lillou creates luxury pieces; each garment is thoughtfully and ethically created. We have embraced slow fashion and cherish each of our designs. Our goal is to make every woman feel as if she stepped into a daydream to a far away land.

Dearest Ladies of Lillou,

We want to formally introduce ourselves, our names are Mariel & Reagan. We are the founders and designers of Lillou. 

We dreamt to create an ethereal world - in hopes that our pieces will inspire women to see the beauty of femininity and to embrace it. 

We have dedicatedly poured our hearts and creative vision into our collections. Each piece, down to the smallest detail has been thoughtfully and personally designed.

Our friendship grew as we shared stories about childhood memories; such as loving the same romance novels, old fashioned films, adoring vintage fashion and discussing how certain fictional worlds evoked a feeling inside us. 

We imagined a harmonious blend of fashion with an old world allure. We wanted to encompass a certain, romantic feeling into Lillou.

We are delighted to welcome you into our world!

Cordially and ever so loverly,

Reagan & Mariel

The Gramercy
The Manhattan
The Madison